Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wave Watching

Don't you just love watching waves! I must have taken hundreds of photos of waves at the Jersey Shore, in Hawaii, and in Maine. This painting was done on Yupo (that plastic "paper") from one of my Hawaii photos. Yupo is great for painting water - it runs and puddles all over the place, but you can wipe out the whites if you need to. And you get neat puddling effects that you can't predict which makes it really exciting.
Approximately 10x14 on Yupo

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Myrtle Beach Palms

Recently I sold a small palm tree painting and wanted to do another a little larger. This is a half sheet watercolor (15 x 22) of some trees I saw while taking a workshop in Myrtle Beach last spring. I focused in close and left out the large hotel in the background.

White Rose Travels to India

This little painting travelled to India last week as part of a swap with an international group of watercolor artists. I have previously sent paintings to the Philippines and to England, as well as several states in the USA, and have received paintings from some interesting places as well. My latest swap painting came to me from Steve Sorrell in Tasmania.