Thursday, March 24, 2011

After the Workshop - Pawley's Island

After the workshop, Joan and I took a side trip to Pawley's Island to do some plein air sketching. Here is one of the beach houses I painted there. I loved this little island community.
Done in Arches Travel Sketchbook with tiny watercolor palette and a waterbrush.

Jean Grastorf Workshop 4

(Couldn't get this one uploaded correctly either.)
This is a half sheet - should be turned counter-clockwise for correct viewing. While everyone's poured paintings were in the process of drying, Jean showed us a new technique. We used a special clear wash-out tape to cover a half sheet. Then we used a quilter's rotary cutter to cut out shapes. We did the darkest shapes first, which made me have to think a little backwards. I had a little bit of trouble with the rotary cutter, and switched to a razor blade for the circle and the rectangles. I added some stamping at the end.

Jean Grastorf Workshop 3

Since so much waiting is involved in this process, I started another painting. This time I tried to simplify. I did it smaller, simplified the design, and only used two pours. I masked the entire background. This one is 10 x 10.

Jean Grastorf Workshop 2

(Blogger insists on uploading this one sideways. You will have to turn it counter-clockwise in your imagination).
This is a half sheet of a Ti-Plant. I think it had three pours, but it could have used at least two more to get more values in. However, I didn't have enough time. It takes a whole day to dry the painting enough for the next pour, and then we had to wait for an available tub to do the pour. I removed the masking so that I would have something to show for "Gallery Night" on Friday, and so that the masking wouldn't "cook" in the trunk of the hot car on the trip home. I could remask it and finish, but I think I would rather do a new one now that I have the hang of it.

Jean Grastorf Workshop 1

Last week my sister and I took a "pouring" workshop with Jean Grastorf. This was our "starter pour" to get our feet wet (some of us actually did). We traced our hands and some letter and number stencils and then masked out shapes, starting with the lightest. I think this had 3 pours. Afterward I added some stamps.