Sunday, August 12, 2007

White Rose Travels to India

This little painting travelled to India last week as part of a swap with an international group of watercolor artists. I have previously sent paintings to the Philippines and to England, as well as several states in the USA, and have received paintings from some interesting places as well. My latest swap painting came to me from Steve Sorrell in Tasmania.


Joan said...

Nice white rose! I like the soft yellow center. You should travel with it.

cherian m t said...

hi michelle
I am the one who received the above painting in India. Thanks for the wonderful painting.


cherian m t

Michelle Himes said...

You are very welcome, Cherian. I'm so glad that you liked it, and that it arrived safely. I recall that you were having severe flooding around the time I sent the painting out.

cherian m t said...

The foods had subsided by the time your painting arrived

cherian m t

LenoreGrubinger said...

hi Michelle,
this is such a beautiful refreshing little painting. So much gorgeous work on your site!