Saturday, May 10, 2008


Nothing says Springtime like a bunch of happy tulips!
11x15 on Arches cold press

Bouquet on Masa

I painted this one from life on a quarter sheet of Masa paper, using my favorite crinkle technique. I did something different this time, in that I usually adhere the Masa to a piece of watercolor paper first, and this time I didn't. Supposedly it is better to mount first because the paper is very delicate when wet, but it was only a quarter sheet and it was fine. I actually liked the feel of painting on it unmounted and may stick with unmounted sheets unless I am working much larger.

Trying a New Medium - Pastel

Every once in a while I get the urge to try a new medium, so when a one day pastel workshop was offered less than two miles from my home, I was there! Below is a still life that I did in the workshop by Christina Debarry , and a solo attempt at some dogwood blossoms that I did after the workshop. Both of these were done on Strathmore paper with Nupastels.