Saturday, November 14, 2009

And Now the 7 "Things About Me"

1. I am old enough to remember when my siblings and I paid 50 cents for general admission seats at Yankee Stadium on "Ladies Day".
2. I was an "athlete wannabe" when I was a child, and this syndrome has recently reared it's head again. I am now playing over 60 basketball, and participated in this event at the 2009 New Jersey Senior Olympics.
3. I started learning to play piano a year ago. Although my grown children flee to another room when I play, I'm enjoying myself immensely, and my grandchildren don't seem to mind hearing me play.
4. My two favorite places are the coast of Maine, and Hawaii.
5. I taught sunday school (or CCD to us Catholics) for 13 years.
6. I received an award at the very first art show that I participated in - and it was the Grumbacher Silver Medal.
7. I love to paint flowers - possibly because I can't seem to grow them without killing them.


Ai said...

Michelle, I am glad you taking piano lesson. It is never too late. I myself reconnect with the piano lesson too this year after several years apart from it. So now you will get to do great watercolor and playing wonderful music.

CTStudios said...

What a beautiful list. I bet you could create a similar weekly list, and for the rest your life, never run out of things to say. As we go along, many of us can have a tendency to forgot 'all' that we trully are. It's always great to see folks keeping the reminder going.