Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New/Old Collage

I started this stained paper collage a couple of years ago during a Gerald Brommer workshop. It was on the last day, and I didn't get to finish it, and never got around to working on it again after I got home. Recently one of my painting buddies saw some stained paper collages in a magazine and suggested that we try them at our weekly painting sessions. I told her that I had one that was already started, but didn't know whether I could get anything good out of it. I ended up finishing this one successfully and starting another one. This collage is based on a photo I took of the Junipero Serra Museum in San Diego. 11x15


cathyswatercolors said...

Collage is not as easy as it looks,at least not for me. Looks like masa paper? Great job, of course.

Joan T said...

Love the way this came out!!! Jerry would be so proud!

The flowers below came out really nice. Can't wait to examine them in person. The masa flowers are super. You got more crinkles than I did in mine. We will have to share our experiences with it. See you soon.

Michelle Himes said...

Not masa paper, Cathy, although I do have some masa paper paintings on this blog. It's just small pieces of a lot of different kinds of oriental papers - like unryu and mulberry, stained with watercolors.

Thanks, Joan. Can't wait for another painting day together.

Ai said...

This is absolutely stunning. I love this Michelle.