Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Springmaid Watermedia Workshop 2014 - Day 2

On the second day, the assignment was to do two floral collages by "making flowers without making flowers".  LOL!  Jerry told us that if he saw a stamen or a pistil he would give us an "F".  These were a little harder to do for me, who is used to painting flowers that look like flowers.  But I was game.  My sister Joan and I had prepared for this workshop by purchasing some washi (oriental rice paper) in several interesting textures.  Some had threads or fibers running through them, some had holes or a lacy effect, and one had swirls that reminded me of "Starry Starry Night".  These all came in handy for the floral collages. 

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Joan T said...

It is funny. I know you wished you hadn't used the actual flower pieces in the yellow collage, but they are small enough just to pull your eye to the focus. Both of these came out nice.