Friday, March 11, 2016

Portrait/Figure workshop

Last week I took a portrait/figure workshop with Ted Nuttall, at Springmaid Beach.  Ted is an awesome artist, and an excellent teacher, and I hope that I have absorbed at least some of the info that was presented at the workshop.  I worked on two pieces, both of my grandkids.  The first one is my

grandsons,  Justin and Joe.  I think I got a really good likeness, and I'm happy with this one.   The second is a closeup of my granddaughter Kateri, from a photo taken about 5 years ago.  It's close, but I didn't get as good a likeness as I did of the boys.  I really enjoyed working on these, and I think I've found a subject that I like almost as much as painting flowers.


Dawn said...

I think people are so hard to paint...especially if they are known subjects. And in watercolors! Wow! I love these, though of course I don't know your grandkids!

Michelle Himes said...

Thanks, Dawn.