Sunday, June 19, 2005

How It All Began

Pemaquid Point Light 1989 Posted by Hello

The other day in one of my watercolor online groups there was a discussion about first watercolors, and a few of us posted ours. It's fun to look back at our beginnings. This painting was done in 1989 on a vacation in Maine. Oh, I had tried watercolor before, back in the 60's, and I remember hating it. I probably tried to use them like oils.

I remember being attracted to watercolor seascapes in the various gift shops and galleries and decided to try one of my own. I kept my investment to a minimum, buying a watercolor pad and two tubes of paint - ultramarine and yellow ochre. I had read somewhere that you could do a painting with just those two colors. It came out a little pale and wishy-washy, but I must have liked it because I kept on painting. Many books and a few watercolor classes later I'm still at it.

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Sandra said...

I've been blog-jumping tonight and came across yours from... oh oh... I can't remember whose blog had you linked...sorry. (I've been jumping all over the place tonight.)

I see you just started your blog a few days ago and I wanted to be an early bird and post a comment. And the comment is that I was surprised to read that your watercolor was a "first one". It sure doesn't look like it. I'm impressed.

Good luck with your blog. And I hope you don't mind a comment from a stranger. Well... some people call me strange. (00)