Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Online Art Groups

Rose In Border Posted by Hello

I belong to several art groups online. It is fun to interact with the other artists, and you always learn something. This painting was done as a project for one of the groups, WatercolorWorkshop, a Yahoo group hosted by Susie Short. The goal of the project was to paint something surrounded by a border. Procrastinator that I am, several other artists had already posted their entries and I was still trying to come up with an interesting border. I smiled to myself when I thought of this one. I painted the winding branches first, and then the background. I normally would have taped off the white rectangle to be sure to get clean lines, but I was afraid that the tape would ruin my nice green branches, so I carefully painted the straight border (yes, it is straight, although I couldn't get my camera to cooperate). The flower was painted last. I slid my painting in just before the deadline. I can't wait to see what the next project will be.

Some groups I belong to:
WatercolorWorkshop Yahoo Group
Sharing With Artist Partners (S.W.A.P.) - a swap group for small paintings
Watercolor Passion, Maury Kettell's site which has quarterly projects

Whenever I am stuck for a painting idea, one of these groups has something that will inspire me to keep my brushes wet.


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