Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snow and Fog

I took the reference photo for this painting a year ago at Ramapo Reservation, near my home. It was still snowing slightly and it was sort of foggy and soft. I loved the way the distant trees and mountains looked, and I think I nailed them pretty well in my watercolor. The foreground evergreens gave me a little trouble, since I found it difficult to put the snow on the branches without making it look too sharp and defined. I originally masked it, which was a mistake, and so I had to scrub them to soften, and then add some midtones and darks trying to keep it somewhat indistinct. I think I succeeded somewhat - not what I originally had in mind, but not bad.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Michelle - This is so well done, from the indistinct background tree line to the midground trees, and if there were problems with the pines and masking fluid it certainly does not show in the finished painting. This is so atmospheric, I feel the cold air!


Tom G said...

Soft, gray, and wonderful.

It FEELS like an NJ winter.