Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stained Paper Collages - Gerald Brommer Workshop

Last week my sister and I took a "Stained Paper Collage" workshop with Gerald Brommer. I have been a fan of his work with both watercolor and collage for many years. During the 5 day workshop we learned to stain paper - lots and lots of paper. And we learned about several different designs and how to utilize them in both abstract and representational work. These three small abstracts were done on 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 Arches rough with watercolor stained washi. The designs used were a "bridge", a "T" and a "cruciform".


Marilyn said...

Hi Michelle, Janie alerted us at Artist Chatter that you will be joining our group - welcome! That looks like an interesting workshop you went to with Gerald Brommer. Do you have the new issue of Art Collector magazine (April)? There is a two page article about him and his show at New Masters gallery in Carmel that you might find interesting. He seems to be doing well with his career, especially with the watercolors.

Gesa said...

Hi! These are lovely... just stumbled into your blog from looking at some of the Brommer artwork online - I have his book and really enjoy it.