Monday, April 13, 2009

Sketchcrawl 22

Saturday morning was another rainy, miserable day to have a sketchcrawl. I love doing the sketchcrawls, but so far we have not had the greatest weather for outdoor sketching. So my sister Joan and I decided to do something that we had wanted to do for a while, that is, to sketch at one of the NYC museums. We drove into Manhattan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and found an unoccupied bench in the Greek and Roman room. This is my sketch of a Marble Statue of a Muse. Did you know that they only allow pencil sketching in the museum?

I did several other sketches which you can see on the sketchcrawl forum ( and then we went to see the AWS show. What a great show! I wish I could have spent longer there, soaking up the great art and hoping that some of it would rub off on my own watercolors.


Joan said...

It was a lot of fun sketching at the museum. I guess we were lucky that the rain forced us to finally go to the city and sketch. You did a good job on your sketches. Maybe we'll luck out with the weather for the next one.

Jo Castillo said...

That must have been a super day, out paintin', lookin' and havin' fun with someone else! Your yellow flowers below are super. Not easy to get yellow right, it is darker than we think, right? Lovely.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

The flowers and the sketch are just great, Michelle! I especially like those daffs, those are among my top three fav flowers. I need to try painting daffs again, I haven't done any for quite awhile.

I envy your getting to sketch from the museum! What a thrill to be doing that among all that art.

Ai said...

All the sketches are nice. Well done. I hope you will have a great weather for the next Sketchcrawl.