Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jean Grastorf Workshop 2

(Blogger insists on uploading this one sideways. You will have to turn it counter-clockwise in your imagination).
This is a half sheet of a Ti-Plant. I think it had three pours, but it could have used at least two more to get more values in. However, I didn't have enough time. It takes a whole day to dry the painting enough for the next pour, and then we had to wait for an available tub to do the pour. I removed the masking so that I would have something to show for "Gallery Night" on Friday, and so that the masking wouldn't "cook" in the trunk of the hot car on the trip home. I could remask it and finish, but I think I would rather do a new one now that I have the hang of it.


Joan said...

I like this one a lot! I guess I'm lucky to have seen it in the correct direction, but it looks cool facing this way too!

Lumi 9 said...

I'm glad I caught your note. Makes much more sense the other way and gives the eye a lot more places to rest.