Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gerald Brommer Workshop Day 1

Last week I took a watercolor workshop in Myrtle Beach with Gerald Brommer. My sister Joan and I took this workshop together. The emphasis of the workshop was on CONTENT.

We started day 1 out by looking at slides of landscapes, and we had approximately 5 minutes to do a sketch of each one. You could hear the groans as the class tried furiously to sketch each one. Then we were assigned to take one sketch and do two paintings from it, one high key and one low key. I chose this barn because it seemed to be the least complicated, and therefore, the easiest to translate from my far from adequate sketch into a painting. I wasn't really crazy about the high key version, since I really like color, but I was pleasantly surprised at the low key one.

Here are the results from Day 1.


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed traveling through all five days of this workshop. I think you produced some great paintings while in the "heat of battle" of a workshop. I have never had good results in an actual workshop although I think in the end I gain from the experience. SueD

Ai said...

Michelle, I love your dark color of the day one. It felt like it is a perfect illustration of a country house in a book. Thanks for sharing your workshop experience. It looks fun and informative.

Joan said...

I like the way your barns came out, especially the low key one.