Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gerald Brommer Workshop Day 5

Day 5, the last day of our workshop. We were ending early on Friday, so we only had time for one painting. This time the exercise was in IMAGING. The object of the lesson was to work without reference material, and to "image" a painting from memory. Again, we were to make thumbnails of a subject, choosing several elements that we wanted to include. At first I didn't think I could do a landscape without a reference, but decided that if I could, it would probably have to be of Maine, because I can probably paint Maine in my sleep. So I decided on a lighthouse, rocks, the sea, and beach roses - all things I have painted enough times that I should be able to "see" them in my mind. After 5 thumbnails, I chose this vertical view.

On Friday evening, we had Gallery Night. The rooms were cleaned up and everyone had several paintings matted and hung. We dressed up, and enjoyed wine, hors douvres and piano music as we viewed the paintings of our class as well as the other classes that were there that week.

It was a great workshop, and I was very sorry to see it end. I learned a lot and hope to incorporate the things I learned into my future landscapes.


Candyce said...

Lovely, lovely lovely. Your watercolors make me feel peaceful and happy. I love this one especially and the two from day number two.


djd said...

I enjoyed reading about your workshop and seeing your work. I'm glad you posted the link to Watercolor Workshop.


Joan said...

I think both of us could easily paint Maine in our sleep. This came out really nice. I like how you did such a dramatic high cliff for the lighthouse to sit on. It really gives that feeling like it could be seen from anywhere. We definitely had a good class with Jerry.

Jo Castillo said...

Michelle, this is just beautiful. You paint Maine very well! Thanks for sharing your workshop with us. There are some great ideas there.

Candyce said...

If you ever make cards from your lovely watercolors I would be very interested.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Michelle,
Did you enjoy Springmaid Beach? I've only been there a couple of times - but LOVED the creative atmosphere. Brommer is a really great instructor, too. Are you working on some new pieces as a result of the workshop? Looking forward to seeing more.

Michelle Himes said...

I loved Springmaid and got a lot out of this workshop. This was my second Brommer workshop. I loved the collage workshop I took from him last year too. I was very impressed with the sketchbooks he shared with us, and I am planning to do a lot more outdoor sketching this spring and summer.